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Wabi Whiffs/Cathy & Co.

Wabi Whiffs 60ct Whisky Fizzing Toilet Bombs

Wabi Whiffs 60ct Whisky Fizzing Toilet Bombs

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60ct Whisky Fizzing Toilet Love Bombs

Fragrance Description: Aged to perfection with hints of oak, malted musk with berry infused barley. Don't let these Whisky Love Bombs go alone especially when there's a designated TooT Spray. Contains tan fizzing hearts with bronze biodegradable glitter.

Be the Boss of Your No.2 and avoid poo anxiety. Don't hide these stylish Toilet Love Bombs! Keep them handy and eliminate poo odor instantly. Drop 1-2 fizzing bombs (no judging) into the toilet. An effervescing fragrant film forms on the toilet water trapping and eliminating odors. Just Drop, Go and Flush when done.

Approximately 60 poos
Contains cosmetic non-staining color, natural essential oils, biodegradable glitter, citric acid, and baking soda
Discreet, convenient and works instantly
Dissolves quickly with no need to wait for bombs to totally dissolve just drop them in and take care of business. Drop and Go and Have a Poo Happy Day!
Septic safe (that’s code for YES, it’s safe to flush!)
Non-Toxic bathroom odor solution
Great for offices, community environments, saves relationships and those just starting to bloom
Contains no alcohol, aerosol, parabens, phthalates or formaldehyde
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